100% Italian Silk

Scrunch Luxe (Champagne)

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Pamper Your Hair with a Handcrafted 100% Silk Scrunchie

It's time to say no to snagging hair ties that leave huge creases and breakage in your hair. Protect your hair with a 100% Silk Scrunch Luxe!

Scrunch Luxe is made with the finest Italian Silk, designed to keep your hair damage-free and reduced hair creases. 

The super soft silk glides over the hair, without pulling or snagging on your delicate tresses, leaving your hairless frizzy, less damaged, less creasy and most importantly, looking super glam. Why not get one to match your beautiful FaceSilk mask?

Make the Eco-Friendly Choice

By using a silk, you are not only preventing more waste but you are also using a completely natural and renewable material. Help the environment and make the sustainable choice for your scrunchy.

Handmade in the UK & ships worldwide.

Benefits of Silk Scrunchies:

  • Protects Against Hair Damage: Silk fibres are super smooth and soft eliminating snags & creases in your hair which can damage them
  • Natural Material & Hypoallergenic: Silk is an all-natural sustainable material & resistant to allergens like fungus and mold
  • Keep Your Smooth Look: The smooth quality of silk will prevent your hair from becoming irritated & dry.
  • Keep Your Hair Hydrated: Unlike cotton & synthetic materials, Silk does not steal & absorb moisture from your hair.
  • Low Chemical Processing: Other fabrics require lots of chemicals to manufacture while silk is produced naturally by silkworms
  • Fight Creases: Other materials can create friction & frizz leading to creases in your hair - Silk's ultra-smooth surface prevents this


    • Handmade from 100% Italian Silk
    • Ultra-Soft & Smooth Silk
    • Super Stretchy Elastic
    • Matches our FaceSilk Mask!
    • Dyed with non-toxic dye


This size is intended for adults & children.

Outside of Fabric - Approximately 9x9 cm (3.5x3.5 in)
Stretches to  - Approximately 24cm (9.5x9.5 in)

Since each scrunchy is made by hand, the measurements may vary slightly.

Care For Your Scrunch Luxe:

Hand washing your Scrunch Luxe is recommended
Steam or air dry with low heat
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean
Do not tumble dry

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