We want you to share your FaceSilk with the world!

That's why when you buy a FaceSilk mask & post a selfie with your mask on Instagram, we will give you a 10% discount code!

You can share it with friends & family, or just use it for yourself to get another one of our colours or styles.

Here's how to get your 10% Off Discount Code:

  1. Follow @face.silk on Instagram
  2. Post a selfie wearing your new FaceSilk mask
  3. Tag @face.silk in the photo & caption
  4. Send us a direct message on Instagram letting us know you want your code!

That's it! We will send you a unique code you can share with family, friends or anyone else you think could use a stylish silk face mask in their life!

And there is always a chance we will feature your selfie on our page (don't worry, we will tag you too!)

Thanks again for choosing FaceSilk, we can't wait to see you loving your mask!

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