Care For Your FaceSilk

We recommend hand washing your Face Silk Mask. Your mask is machine washable, but hand washing will help preserve the softness and shine.

Hand Washing Instructions
Fill a basin with lukewarm water, do not use hot water
Add a small amount of light detergent (we recommend silk specific detergent) to the water
Remove the nose clip inside your mask to avoid breakage (see below for instructions on how to remove/replace your nose clip)
Wash silk thoroughly for at least 20 seconds
Once done, air dry in an open area with circulating air. Allow air to circulate on both side of the mask.
Do not dry with hot air or your mask will shrink.

Machine Washing Instructions
Wash separately on Delicate at 30°C (Cold)
Remove from machine immediately and air dry
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean
Do not tumble dry
Do not dry with hot air or your mask will shrink.

Ironing Instructions
Iron on lowest heat setting to remove wrinkles
Only iron your mask when it is completely dry

Replacing Your Nose Clip

The nose clip in your mask is replaceable. On the inside top of your mask by the elastic is a small part of the fabric which is not sewn down. You can insert or remove your nose clip through this gap. It is important that you remove your nose clip before washing.

If your metal nose clip has broken, please be careful when removing it as the metal can damage the fabric.

Tightening Your Elastic

We made our masks to fit as many faces as possible, but all of our faces are different. If you love your FaceSilk mask but the elastic is too long, you can easily tighten it for a better fit. You can simply tighten your elastic by tying a small loop in the elastic if the elastic is too big. Please check out the video below for how we tie our masks.