We live in a brave new world.

But that doesn't mean you can't have both style & comfort when you are out and about. We live in the same world and uncomfortable, irritating & ugly paper masks just won't cut it. And why expose the sensitive skin on your face to irritating and overly warm synthetic-material masks either.

After all... doesn't your face deserve the absolute best?

That's why we created FaceSilk. Our artisan silk seamstresses have been making bespoke wedding dresses and party dresses for years. Now you can get one of their incredibly soft and comfortable masks to cover & caress your face. And care for your skin everywhere you go in the wide world.

We found the highest quality and softest silks in Italy to create the most luxury face mask experience available. And these ultra-soft fabrics are handcrafted into masks right here in the UK in our sterilized sewing environment.

A Silk Face Mask doesn't just mean incredible comfort and style, silk is also the best materials you can wrap on your face. Silk doesn't steal precious moisture from your skin (unlike cotton or synthetic materials), and silk allows heat to radiate outwards keeping your face cool and dry all day long.

But We Wanted to Go Further

Because not only has the world changed so much in the last year, but we as humans are creating more waste than ever before. More people are ordering take away in disposable plastic containers, use-it-and-toss-it items are lining the shelves to keep us safe, and paper masks litter our streets & pile up in the rubbish bins. 

We wanted to create an eco-friendly & sustainable way for everyone to stay covered. And that's why we used Italian silk to create FaceSilk masks.

Silk is completely natural, uses no soil or chemicals to manufacture and is even biodegradable making it one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials on the planet.

Since silk is so good for your skin and the planet, it was the only choice for creating our luxury FaceSilk masks.

We know when you get your new FaceSilk mask, you'll immediately fall in love with it... and you might never want to take it off. At FaceSilk, we wouldn't make anything less than a mask you would absolutely love. Find your style now.

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