Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask Set (Regal Blue)

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Give the gift of ultimate beauty sleep with our 100% Silk Gift Set

Care for Your Hair, Skin & Mind - All While You Sleep


Give your skin, hair & head the gift of pure silk - get a better sleep while protecting your skin-vestment with our Pure 100% Silk Eye Masks & Queen Pillowcase set.


Buona Notte Eye Masks and Silk Queen Pillowcases are made with the finest 25 Momme 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, designed to give you an incredible nights sleep while protecting your skin, hair & face. It's like an 8 hour beauty treatment every night!

Unlike Cotton, Silk does not absorb moisture from your face meaning the creams from your night regime stay on your face & don't end up on your pillow. Silk's super smooth surface keeps your skin-vestment on your face all night.

The super soft silk also leaves your hair less frizzy, less damaged, less creasy and most importantly, looking super glam no matter how much you toss and turn at night. From hair to face, you'll wake up looking better & feeling better each morning with a Pure Silk Pillowcase.

 We spend a third of our lives in bed, why choose any other material to accompany your night routine?



      • Set includes Buona Notte Eye Mask & Silk Queen Pillowcase (20''x30'')
      • Handmade from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk
      • Ultra-Soft & Smooth Silk
      • Dyed with non-toxic dye
      • Matches our Scrunch Lux & Élégante Robe


    This size is intended for adults & children.

    Care For Your 100% Mulberry Silk: 

    If you wish to maximise the life of your silk, hand washing at 30°C is the ultimate method. Our products are made of the highest quality silk so they are machine washable, but they are still silk and need as much care as we can give them.

    Machine wash at 30°C (Cold Cycle) with silk friendly detergent (recommended)
    Remove from machine & air dry
    Iron on low setting after drying
    Do not bleach
    Do not dry clean
    Do not tumble dry

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