Why is Silk better for your hair?


  1. Silk Scrunchies prevent hair damage


Silk Scrunchies help to prevent hair damage due to the natural properties of our fabric. Our 100% Silk has an ultra soft and gentle texture, which reduces friction against your hair.

This means that using a Silk Scrunchie helps to prevent tangles in your hair compared to using traditional hair ties, which tend to pull and tug on your hair, causing hair breakage over time.


2. Silk Scrunchies keep your hair hydrated


100% Silk tends to absorb 30% less moisture than traditional cotton, therefore is naturally hydrating.

This means that using Silk Scrunchies will help to keep your hair hydrated and healthy over time, by helping your hair to retain moisture. 



3. Silk Scrunchies reduce frizz


As our Silk Scrunchies create less friction against your hair compared to normal hair ties, this also helps to reduce frizz throughout the day.


4. Silk Scrunchies leave hair kink free


Silk Scrunchies are not only good for your hair, but they also help to prevent creases and kinks in your hair during prolonged use due to Silk's super soft texture. This makes our Scrunchies perfect to use throughout the day and night.


5. Silk Scrunchies are the environmentally conscious choice


Using a high quality, natural material like Silk for our hair scrunchies means that your accessories will last longer and are a more sustainable, eco-friendly option compared to traditional hair ties.

Moreover, other fabrics require lots of chemicals to manufacture whilst silk is produced naturally by silkworms!



What are you waiting for?


Make the switch to 100% Silk today and receive endless hair benefits!

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