Become the best version of yourself

We all get busy and overwhelmed with life that we forget to look after ourselves, but it’s so important to take time to relax and care for your well-being, whether that’s enjoying a candle lit bath or reading a book before bed time...
Read our tips below for ways to provide yourself with ultimate self-care that will help you destress!


1. Sleep


Make a good night's sleep of at least 8 hours part of your self care routine. Lay your head on your Pure Silk Pillowcase and sleep your day’s stress away. Sleep plays a huge part on how you feel emotionally and physically, and is essential for feeling the best version of yourself. 

2. Exercise

Exercise can help boost your mood and reduce anxiety and stress. Try meditation or yoga; simple breathing will help clear your mind of any stress and negative thoughts. You’ll feel more energised and more productive.


3. Pamper Yourself


Relax and recharge, treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Take a nice bath and sit back and relax in our Élégante Silk Robe with a sheet mask...

4. Create a schedule

De-clutter your mind by noting down your day to day tasks and organising these in priority order... Not only will this reduce stress and anxiety, but will help raise your productivity levels too.

5. Try something new

Whether it be a new recipe, taking up a different hobby, or trying a new hairstyle with our 100% Silk Scrunch Luxe, trying something new will produce serotonin and enhance your skills.

We hope these tips will be a reminder to take some time to prioritise yourself, stay safe and healthy!