The Benefits of Lounging and Sleeping in Silk

 Women all over the world are throwing away their cotton and terry cloth products and switching to silk!
The reason? The amazing skin benefits and that “I’m gorgeous” feeling.
No other fabric in the world makes a woman feel luxurious, comfortable, and sexy all at the same time while wearing it!


Why making the switch to silk will be a life-changing skin-vestment:


Silk Eye Masks


Our Silk Sleep Masks are going to take your beauty sleep to the next level. Before going to bed on our FaceSilk pillowcases, slip on your eye mask to block out any bright lights, this will boost melatonin to help you fall asleep faster and improve your overall sleep quality.


Did we mention they make great travel partners? Put yours on during your next red-eye flight to lower anxiety and unwind.


Using our silk eye mask will also help you to relax with the gentle fabric resting on your face. This can result in a calming, zen-like effect, that will make you feel tired enough to fall asleep.


 Élégante Silk Robe

Silk robes are a long-standing sign of opulence and luxury. The fabric ‘s popularity lies in the natural fibres of our 100% Italian Silk, designed to give you a feeling of luxury whether you’re working from home or enjoying coffee on a balcony in Paris!
Our Silk Robe’s natural breathability & temperature regulation will create a sensational feel against your skin and is a perfect choice from those who suffer from allergies.
The smooth, cool, and lightweight feel of silk makes it the perfect outfit to lounge around in on a summer day to keep you comfortable without overheating your body. This will also reduce stress and instantly make you feel at home after returning from a long day.
Our élégante short silk robe come in a variety of sizes and colours, and they flawlessly drape onto skin and work for all body types, creating a beautiful feminine figure. Pair yours with a matching FaceSilk Pillowcase, Scrunchie, or eye mask to enhance your beauty routine.

Are you ready to try one for yourself? Check out our collection of Silk Robes and Eye Masks to add a touch of luxury to your loungewear collection.