Silk Scrunchie Style Tips

Our favourite hairstyles featuring 100% Silk 

What we love most about our Scrunch Luxe and Skinny Scrunchie collections are how versatile and comfortable they are. No matter your hair’s texture or length, our silk hair accessories work for anyone! Take care of your hair whilst looking stylish with our 100% Silk Hair Scrunchies. 

1. Ponytail

Our Scrunch Luxe makes for a perfect pony every time. Always fashionable, this hairstyle can easily be converted from work to play. Try a comfortable low pony for work and a high pony with statement earrings for after work drinks with the girls. Within only a second your look will be transformed from professional to playful. 


Tip: for shorter hair, try our Skinny Scrunchie Sets. These scrunchies are perfect for short hair because they are petite in size. 

2. High Bun

A flirty take on a chic and timeless hairstyle, a high bun with a Silk Hair Scrunchie. Adding a silk hair accessory to your high bun is a fun way to add a pop of colour to your outfit! Depending on your hair’s length and thickness, the fullness of your bun will vary. However, it’ll be the perfect hairstyle every time. 

3. Half up Half down

The most romantic and elegant hairstyle, the half up half down is a perfect hairstyle for your Silk Scrunchie. Whilst keeping hair out of your face, this hairstyle still allows you to show off your length and styled hair. Adding a hair accessory to this hairstyle elevates your look even more. 

4. Bubble Ponytail 

Top trending hairstyle, the bubble ponytail is a flirty and fun alternative to the traditional ponytail. Adding Silk Hair Scrunchies gives a colourful and unexpected look to this distinctive hairstyle. 

5. Braid 

Braids are one of the most unique hairstyles because they can be customised and create endless styles! Silk Hair Scrunchies can be styled with ponytails in a few ways. Using a set of our Skinny Scrunchies will also perfectly hold your braids in place while providing a pop of colour. 

Our Silk Scrunchies offer more than just versatile hairstyles, they are also incredibly protective for your hair! They easily glide off all hair textures, types, and lengths, preventing your luscious locks from hair damage, creases or snags. 

We hope these ideas spark your creativity, and have fun styling your hair! Next time you style your hair with one of our Scrunch Luxe or Skinny Scrunchies, be sure to tag us on Instagram ( so we can see which style you chose! You may even be featured on our feed!