Give Yourself the Gift of Sustainable Luxury With FaceSilk

We all deserve luxury in our lives. Luxury isn’t reserved for extravagant restaurants and vacations, it can also be incorporated into your day-to-day life with 100% pure silk pieces from accessories to sleepwear. Treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated with sustainable luxury products from FaceSilk that elevate your skin condition, hair health, and everyday mood. 

 FaceSilk’s Promise 

FaceSilk is dedicated to luxurious self-care that is beneficial to both you and the planet. In a world filled with waste, FaceSilk strived to be different. With sustainably sourced products, you can treat yourself like the queen you are while making a positive environmental impact. We use highest quality Mulberry Silk in all of our products, a beautiful, ultra-soft, and eco-friendly material. Silk is biodegradable, so unlike the many face masks you find online or in stores, FaceSilk’s masks won’t have a negative environmental impact.  


Why Silk? 

You might be wondering why FaceSilk creates products using only silk. Silk is a high-quality, sustainable material to ensure your hair and skin maintains its moisture. A cotton pillowcase absorbs the moisture in your hair the entire time while you are sleeping, slowly drying out your hair night after night. Silk, on the other hand, maintains the moisture you have in your hair and skin, while also allowing heat to radiate off of you. Have you ever noticed your face beginning to get particularly hot after wearing your face mask for too long? A silk mask won’t trap heat, keeping your face cool and dry.  


  Silk Products You’ll Love

Silk gives you the opportunity to embrace your femininity, build elevated habits focused on self-care, and be part of the change to make a positive impact on the planet. Our products enable you to make small, yet impactful, changes in your life. luxury is only a few clicks away with our:

You don’t have to use products that dry out your skin or hair while harming the environment. We created our products with you, and our planet, in mind. Treat yourself to luxury everyday products that invest in themselves and are beneficial to our wellbeing.