We have been extremely privileged to have received numerous features from Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty brands all over the world, and who better to share these write ups with than our wonderful silk loving customers?
 "Introducing FaceSilk, Handmade in London from 100% Silk. FaceSilk Masks are naturally hypoallergenic, incredibly comfy to wear and supportive of healthy skin. This product aims to prevent maskne, absorbs less moisture and helps reduce the appearance of ageing. FaceSilk produces many colours to fit your style and it is a sustainable option too!" 


"Silk is a hydrophobic material, which makes it is less absorbent to water - meaning that if you wear a silk mask, you skin will dry out less in comparison to other fabrics. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, which will help to prevent your skin from becoming irritated. So, if you feel that your skin has been drying out or breaking out as a result of a covering, a silk face mask may be just the solution you need. The timeless masks from FaceSilk prove that face coverings can be both safe and stylish."
"I loved silk for years, and the plain paper surgical masks weren’t cutting it for me. My skin would always get so dry and I even started using my silk scarf under my mask to protect my skin. All of my friends had the same problem, and I quickly realised it’s not just me who was searching for more luxurious, stylish, and comfortable masks! That’s when I decided to reach out to seamstresses across the UK who lost their jobs due to pandemic and work together to make something better. With many years of making bespoke silk wedding gowns, our talented London-based seamstresses are now the magic behind all of our 100% Silk products."


"Even though lockdown is easing, wearing a face covering over our nose and mouth is still essential when using public transport and entering shops." 

"Experts also say that face coverings made of silk are the best to wear if you have problem skin or are worried about the dreaded maskne. Silk face masks are also gentler on your skin compared with polyester or other types of face masks, and are more breathable than multi-layer cotton. Then there's the touch-ability factor – silk masks are decidedly more luxurious."

"FaceSilk sell a beautiful triple-layered face mask containing filter pockets made from 100 per cent Italian silk in London."

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"Introducing FaceSilk, handmade in London from 100% silk. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and absorbs less moisture, so it won't dry out your skin. It also helps to fight against Maskne, wrinkles, and regulating body temperature. Luckily, FaceSilk  produces many colours to fit your style and is a sustainable option too!" 

"Mask wearing has become a big part of our lives (and wardrobes)—and it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. While we give big props to masks for keeping us safe while out and about, we can’t help but get frustrated at the annoying breakouts they can cause. That’s where silk comes in. The soft material isn’t just stylish (celebrities like Chrissy Teigan and Gigi Hadid are fans), it’s actually gentler on skin."

"FaceSilk masks are made with 100% Italian silk and double layered for extra protection. Each mask is handmade and you can order an additional  monogrammed silk pouch so you can safely store your mask in your favourite handbag for easy access."



Not only have we been lucky enough to be approved and featured by the top fashion and lifestyle magazines... if shopping our Silk Products wasn't already easy enough, you can also find us Online and In Store at leading retailers Fenwick and The Cherry Moon!