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Fashionistas across the UK love FaceSilk Masks! You can find us featured in Harper's Bazaar, Tatler Magazine & in Fenwick Department Stores across the UK.

Don't Let Paper or cotton Masks Cause Spots & Ruin Your Skin

Stop Mask Acne

You've invested in your skin. So why wear a mask that can cause spots & breakouts? Silk Face Masks prevent breakouts & take care of your skin. Not to mention they look fabulous. Protect your skin & your style with a 100% Silk Face Mask.

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A Mask You'll Forget You're Wearing

The Fresh Air is Still Fresh

FaceSilk masks provide excellent coverage with ultimate comfort and breathability so no matter where you are in the world, the fresh air still feels fresh. Pamper your face with a mask that looks great, feels great and keeps you breathing effortlessly.

Whether you're heading to the shop or overseas, you'll love wearing your FaceSilk during the journey. Comfortable, Luxurious and Fashionable. What else could you possibly want in a travel companion?

Imported Italian Silk

Handcrafted in the UK

Our silk-crafting artisans make each mask by hand right here in the UK. Every tool is sanitized each day to make sure when you get your FaceSilk, you're only getting a beautiful covering for your face.

Made For an Elegant Look

Perfect Fit & Style

Each mask is made with incredible fashion sense and cut to fit the natural curves of your face for a perfect, comfortable fit. And every stitch strategically placed for ultimate comfort. Your skin will want to thank you.

Pamper your face with

Only the Most Comfortable Materials

The skin on your face is some of the most sensitive on your entire body. So we have searched the world for the best silks and satin for our FaceSilk masks. After all, doesn't your face deserve only the best?

Make the Eco-Friendly Choice

Traditional fabrics require lots of chemicals and intensive manufacturing to produce. Paper masks quickly turn into litter on our streets and pile up in rubbish bins. By choosing a FaceSilk mask made from natural silk, you're making the healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable choice for a face mask.

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Because Your Skin Deserves It

Pamper Your Face with FaceSilk

At FaceSilk, we believe that comfort and style are just as important as protecting your skin. That's why we created a better face mask. Made with ultra-soft, breathable Italian Silks to care for your skin & pamper your face.

After all, you only get one face.

Dress it well.